Technical Drawing Services

Take your design ideas to the next level with Herm-Archer's technical drawing services. Our 2D, 3D and CAD technical drawing services can evaluate a design's strengths and weaknesses. We can help minimize project time and cost in redesigning prototypes.


  • Optimize Design Performance

    Thermal finite element analysis and nonlinear finite element analysis help identify potential premature failures early in the design process.

  • Reduce Physical Prototypes

    FEA is an integral aspect of improving high-tech turbocharger designs, especially regarding product weight and cost.

  • Evaluate Multiple Design Options

    Multiple design possibilities can be tested while still in the concept phase, allowing a focus on product safety tests.


  • Fluid Flow Analysis

    We analyze how product surfaces interact with liquids and gases under a range of conditions using the methods and algorithms of fluid mechanics.

  • Stress Analysis

    Calculating forces and deflections on a component reveals stress levels over time and helps designers select materials to balance a product's performance, weight and cost.