OEM and AfterMarket

Herm-Archer designs and manufactures high-performance turbochargers offering greater efficiency and lower emissions. We provide assembled products and components, as well as custom parts.


    Turbochargers will soon be standard as automotive manufacturers strive to create more fuel-efficient engines while still improving the vehicle's power. Herm-Archer constantly works to increase the engine's capabilities with revolutionary products. We have the experience and facilities to design and manufacture the most advanced turbocharger technology in the market. We create turbochargers for gasoline and diesel passenger vehicles, as well as highway and off-highway commercial vehicles. With advanced designs, high-quality materials and great attention to detail, we offer highly reliable performance products.
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    Aftermarket suppliers engage Herm-Archer to manufacture both standard and custom pieces with speed and precision. We create quality products with highly technical and demanding specifications. Because we are involved in training and expanding the most capable suppliers in the Chinese market, we can offer documentation of materials, performance and technical details accompany everything we produce.