Herm-Archer combines advanced tools with specialized knowledge and skills to create trusted, high-performance automotive turbochargers and related products. Lean manufacturing and Six Sigma compliance mean we save time and resources to save you time and money.

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    Being good enough is not good enough for us. We set our quality standards above any others in the industry. Herm-Archer receives clients approval of the manufacturing processes and the testing and inspection procedures to be used in filling a purchase order. We also document each step of prototyping, pre-production and production with built-in checks and balances to ensure quality and consistency.

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Herm-Archer can provide clients with reports regarding:

  • CHEMICAL TESTING: Quantitative analysis of material composition. Accompanied by applicable drawings or specifications, including casting quality control.

  • PHYSICAL TESTING: Performance of various physical tests as required.

  • FUNCTIONAL TESTING: Certification of a product's performance and conformance to its design.

  • HEAT TREATMENT TESTING: Validation of specified thermal treatment using certified and calibrated equipment.

  • X-RAY (NON-DESTRUCTIVE) TESTING: Herm-Archer provides a report on each test required, which specifies the type of test, the controlling specification/standard, the laboratory control number, the criteria used and the test results.


There are various levels of testing in each category. Herm-Archer reserves the right to recover costs incurred for undertaking thorough, high-level examinations. We do this with an open-book policy of transparent cost accounting, ensuring our clients are comfortable with each step towards the finished product.